IMG_3486My name is Michael Anthony Goodman, and deep down, I’m just someone who wants to make the world a better place. Is this too much to ask?

I’m originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and was born and raised as a military kid. In various capacities, I have worked as an educator for a number of years, and am now settling nicely in Washington, D.C. (of course, these thoughts and reflections are all my own, and all of that). This website is about my life, and my journey over the past decade (this includes education, social justice, job stuff, life advice, politics, emotions sparked by feel-good & feel-bad moments, and other brain dumpings). I believe in sharing stories, and live to inspire others to do the same.

Your story is so incredibly important. 

I consider myself to be an educator, a writer, and an activist, and am constantly seeking ways to inspire myself and to inspire others (you know, those, just-got-chills, moments). I am currently working on a PhD, studying Student Affairs at the University of Maryland. Please feel free to contact me for questions, concerns, post-inquiries, speaking engagements, facilitation opportunities, or any other cool ideas you might discover. March well, march often, march on…

Michael Anthony Goodman

7 thoughts on “Michael

  1. Michael, you may not remember me, or maybe you will. Doesn’t matter either way. I was a year behind you and related to all the other Selby’s. We only interacted briefly in high school but I always thought you would do great things. You always seemed to be on top of your game and confident in everything you did. A friend shared you post on Facebook about the recent video mchs posted. Once I read that I was hooked. So for the last hour, while I should have been doing the dishes or folding some laundry, I snuggled with my baby and read your blog! You are a amazing writer and a phenomenal thinker. Some of your posts made me laugh out loud and one even moved me to tears. I have saved you to my favorite and I can’t wait to see what you have to share in the future! Unfortunately for my husband, instead of binge watching “Scandal” after the kids go to bed, I think I will curl up with my lap top and start reading from the beginning! Thank you for sharing your voice and I wish you all the happiness in life that you deserve!


  2. Michael, I wish you a 2015 filled with more questions than answers, projects that move you forward, mistakes you can learn from, friends to laugh with and excuses to write more posts in your blog 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your life: is always good to know one is not alone in trying to make the world a better place.
    Felicidades, Señor Presidente 😉


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