A Commitment to 2017

As I reflect on 2016, I feel vigorously prepared for 2017.

In 2017 I plan to be more selfish and unapologetic than ever. There is power in saying, “I’m taking care of me right now,” and that’s ok!

In 2017 I’ll say “yes” to the things that fill me up and “no” to those seeking to take advantage of me. I intend to be conscious of my capacity.

In 2017 I’m giving myself permission to not be controlled by the power of email correspondence. I refuse to give in to “inbox 0.”

In 2017, I recommit to providing space for stories, storytellers, and storytelling – both personally and within the communities where I am active.

My attention to justice and equity will be stronger than ever in 2017. And my ‘megaphone’ will never be ‘turned off.’

As a PhD student, I recommit to sharing what I am learning; not all benefit from higher education and I will pay closer attention to this privilege in 2017.

Finally in 2017, I will ask questions, be unapologetically curious, and seek consistency across all disciplines in my life – mind, body, soul.

No impostor,


*photos are from my Top 9 of Instagram in 2016 (starting school, great moments with my partner, snow, and my ACPA Pecha Kulcha in Montreal)

5 thoughts on “A Commitment to 2017

  1. Listen. There are a lot of cute couples out there (Drake and J.Lo – we’re watching you) but you and Mark really take the cake. The love you share is so evident, and it inspires me to keep looking at my husband with fresh eyes! Proud of you for being bold, pursuing your dreams, and taking risks. Cheers to 2017! xoxo

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  2. Be blessed. I pray God uses you in a mighty way in 2017. And honesty. I think God wants me to tell you this. Remember to take time to rest in Him! Rest. That’s a word for you from God.

    Much love
    Aunt Dianne


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