2 Years, 200 Posts

One of the best gifts a writer can receive is a multi-hour walk through memory lane, consisting of re-reading old posts and writing pieces.

Self, thank you. 

Self, you’re welcome. 

I digress.

On December 26, 2013, I made the decision to make this blog a reality. Since then, my thoughts and posts have been shared by hundreds-of-thousands of people all over the world, and speaking and facilitation opportunities have grown out of opinions and thoughts that were first started within this very vehicle.

For all of that (and more): thank you.

This post officially marks my 200th post, and this weekend officially marks my 2 year anniversary of starting this blog. As you know, I have been writing since I was just a kid, and through various forms of journals, a stint on Xanga, and Facebook notes galore, I was finally pushed by enough folks to start this blog.

And the rest is history.

As I prepare to take some time for myself this next two weeks, please accept my sincerest appreciation and love for all the inspiration and support. Thank you to all those who continue to read, share, engage, reflect, and inspire. I am better because of each of you, and am hopeful about the next 2 years… and the next 200 posts!

Toward 400,


michael holiday hat

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