Model the Way

I posted a piece a few months ago where I challenged people to live their truth.

Specifically, I argued that representation, authenticity, and example all matter greatly as (if) we aspire to make the world a better place. And it looks different for each of us. The minute I realized I didn’t have the science or math gene to find the cure for HIV or cancer, I shifted my mind to think about my own sphere of influence. I quickly realized I had untapped and incomparable skills. I was (am) my own person.

Life started to fall into place. Peace happened. I learned the power of courage.

This time around, in a Vol. 2 of sorts, I am challenging folks to model the way.

With each day, I find it essential to continue pausing in appreciation for all those in my life who are changing the world, their world(s), and living their truth every single day. I am in complete appreciation for all those folks who are modeling the way. And while I do not know him, I am also humbled by Mizzou student, Jonathan Butler, #ConcernedStudent1950, and his current hunger strike. In reflection of the advocates and activists I do have in my life, I am pausing on the following humans, as they are truly committing to make this world one where we can be proud to live.

Take some time and check out the following friends who are inspiring to not only me, but also the communities and world around them (with lots of links below).

Dr. Myron Pope, University administrator and student affairs practitioner

Dr. Pope via UCO Black Male Summit

Representative Cyndi Munson, leader and advocate for all

Cyndi Munson

Namrata Kamath, Dubai blogger and friend to food 


Nam more

Namrata Kamath

Blayne Alexander, broadcaster and role model


Brandon Schenk, spin instructor and LGBTQ+ economist

Brandon Schenk

Gracie Hellweg, faith-filled human and passionate soul


Danny Rothschild, playwright and pioneering creative


Crissy Caceres, educator and impacting facilitator


What is your truth? How do you know it? How are you living it?

Check out the folks above, and all the clickable links included. These friends represent various capacities of change and influence, all with powerful nuggets to hold on to. A share, follow, link, or favorite are all appropriate – and including the individuals below who were part of my first round of truth-living inspiration.

This is a great bunch of humans (with many others who are not listed in this piece).

Now, build your own list. Who inspires you? How do they inspire you? What inspires you? Make your own moves and waves. The world thanks you, in advance.



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11826068_10207614207973511_4225129407392858108_n  Zachary Pullin 48-768x1024

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