“Today will have lots of sunshine… and tomorrow is just a Wednesday.”

“Thank you for your unwavering support and patience for me as I continue to live my truth.” – Me, September 16, 2014

Thanks to TimeHop, this was my, the-day-after-my-birthday-I-love-everyone-thank-you-appreciation-note, to all my Facebook friends last year.


Such a strong word. And a continued truth in regard to birthdays. Seriously, social media has transformed the way we share and receive birthday wishes. Snail mail and mailboxes have essentially been replaced by technology and other forms of online engagement (and this is coming from someone who fundamentally believes in and will not give up on sending letters and cards via the US Post Office).

Before I scrolled through my social media, I actually woke up in somewhat of a dark place. A mixture of birthday anxiety and aging threat contributed to my generally shaky start to the day, and by 8:00 AM, I was ready to have a full-on meltdown.

But when I got to my office yesterday morning, I was greeted by a g-chat message from an important human in my life that read, “Today will have lots of sunshine…, and tomorrow is just Wednesday.” 30 starts today. 

And there is nothing like Facebook on your birthday.

Very similar to my post from one year ago, I am deep in the trenches of reflection as I have officially established the big 3-0. From people telling me what they’ve learned from me (for better or for worse), to friends providing life advice, this year was one for the books. A milestone, as many have argued.

And I agree.

A milestone.

This year’s birthday reminded me that I am loved. And that I have a group of people out there rooting for me. This is why it is so important to share love on Facebook when you see it’s someone’s birthday. And this is something I am seriously vowing to be better about this year. “Happy Birthday,” goes a long way. “You are loved,” goes a long way.

And as one friend beautifully captured, “This is when all the wonderful begins.”

Here’s to all the wonderful.



Mary Prusha Art Up
*Art and photo by Mary Prusha

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