Introducing 30

September is here, let all Virgos rejoice.

I am a little over one week from my 30th birthday, and as reflected on that special day last year, I realized 30 wasn’t all that scary.

This past month alone, I have celebrated a friend turning fifty, and one turning forty. “Time flies,” they both argue. And I agree.

While one might assume this celebration solely as the turning of another year, I view it as more of a rite of passage.

Early life as a military child taught me to expect the unexpected. While friends moved every few years and things were generally unstable in a very stable environment, I learned early on that change was inevitable. And often, that change was unexpected.

This awareness was validated one ago when I left my job and moved to China. In fact, one year ago today, I was sitting in LAX, preparing for my flight to Beijing.

A lot can happen in one year.

Accept the unexpected

Through the ups and downs, I am pausing extra hard on today. I am pausing, in appreciation for risk. I am pausing in hope for unapologetically-taken adventures. And I am pausing for all those truth-living souls who wake up each day, eager and excited to challenge and be challenged.

Onward toward 30.




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