Live your truth.

When previously asked what advice I would give people – personally or professionally – I use to say something along the lines of, “Be authentic,” or, “Take chances,” or, “Never poop at a nightclub.” While I still agree with these sentiments, I am becoming more and more impacted by the idea of living our truth.

Live your truth.

If there’s one thing I fundamentally believe in at my very core, it’s that few things are better than living your truth. And few things are better than living in your most authentic self, thus committing to make the world a better place. Representation matters. Authenticity matters. Example matters. The minute I started living unapologetically, good things started happening. Life started to fall into place. Peace happened. I learned to accept the unexpected.

In honor of a new week of being inspired, I am conscious of the individuals on my timelines and in my life who are going above and beyond to live their authentic truth. Take some time to pause today, and check out the following friends who are inspiring not only me every single day, but the communities and world around them.

Take note…

Amanda Pouchot, community builder and co-founder of Levo League


Destini Rogers, dancer and choreographer


Paul Bauer, businessman by day & Seattle hiker/explorer by life



Meg Bourne, CEO & founder of Art Feeds


Yiorgos Boudouris, community builder and creative thinker


Tomiwa Awobayiku, researcher and budding-Biologist


Zachary Pullin, activist and social change thought-leader

Zachary Pullin

Heather Graham, blogger and lifestyle guide


Nathan Box, blogger and nonprofit genius


Terren Wooten, Broadway performer and the Kizha Carr


Intentionality is everything, and as we grow and develop, surrounding ourself with individuals who are changing the world – one thought, mission, and effort at a time – is important now more than ever. And then, honoring those people who are in our lives – much like the ones I have listed above – becomes even more essential to our being inspired to create real and authentic (to our self) change.

What is your truth? How do you know it? How are you living it?

Check out the folks above, and all the clickable links included. These folks represent various capacities of change and influence, all with powerful nuggets to hold on to. A share, follow, link, or favorite are all appropriate – this is a great bunch of humans (and with many others who are not listed above). And build your own list. Who inspires you? How do they inspire you? What inspires you?

No, go. Make your own moves and waves. The world thanks you.



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