Reevaluating Change

I have a lot of friends right now who are currently in transition. Whether it be via relationships, job dissonance, geographic uprooting, or just general life stuff, a lot of my friends and colleagues are navigating through change’s murky waters.

And the waters are surely murky.

Over the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to attend two conferences – one for professional development and the other for work. Both of these conferences hosted dialogue around the idea of change, and one point in particular remains most salient to me.

“Are people coming into an experience expecting a pedicure, and yet, getting an amputation?”

Or on the flip-side, are you simply giving a pedicure, when what is really needed is an amputation?

This is certainly relevant to both personal life endeavors and organizational management, and it takes me back to earlier this summer when I facilitated at an institute for work. One of the faculty members – an incredibly brilliant and remarkably inspiring education administrator – noted the following:

“Too often, we are feeding steak to someone who may need baby food.”

Ok, you’ve heard all the metaphors you can handle today.

No matter how it shakes down, these points are important. And these points can guide wonderful dialogue around the idea change and how and when you approach change within the communities where you are active. The title of this post says it all – I am reevaluating change. And I hope you’ll do the same.

The only sure thing is that today is a new day. What you do with that understanding, and how you navigate through whatever journey you’re on, is up to you.

Now, go get those toes touched up…

Examining the steak,



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