Happy 1-Year Anniversary!


First off, please allow me to laugh out loud at anyone who thinks I’m referencing a relationship in the title of today’s post. I’m clearly still single, though mostly just excited that I surpassed any nay-say’ers who didn’t think I would stick with blogging for more than a few months. In fact, I’ve now been blogging longer than any relationship I’ve ever had. How’s that for (#)perspective? Nevertheless, Happy Blog-iversary, to me!

And in all seriousness, thank you to all those who have entered my world, and shared, liked, favorited, and commented on my posts this past year. It has been a true joy to share myself with each of you (including random strangers), and I am so excited about the year of sharing which exists ahead.

As I reflect on this past year, and specifically the 148 posts I have published to this blog, I want to take a minute to share a few pieces which have resonated with me most while writing and exploring. Please see my self-prescribed Top 10, as follows:

10. Defining, ‘living.’

9. Hi. I’m Michael, and I survived my high school reunion. 

8. Let us all be more like Cole.

7. Things are simple. People are not.

6. God bless fashion, leadership, reflection.

5. I am more.

4. I’m moving to Wyoming. 

3. Come “out,” come “out,” wherever you “are.”

2. My high school was, “pretty black.”

1. There will be times…

Additionally, and as many of you know, music plays a huge role in my life. And while I reflect on the previously cited posts, I encourage you to observe the following playlist of my, “Top 10 Songs Which Gave Me Life This Year:” That list lives as follows:

10. “Hero,” Family of the Year

9. “Explosions,” Ellie Goulding

8. “Story of My Life,” One Direction

7 “Shake it Off,” Taylor Swift

6. “Coffee Cups,” Langhorne Slim & The Law

5. “Sissy That Walk,” RuPaul

4. “Wanderer Wandering,” Slow Club

3. “Free,” Rudimental (Feat. Emili Sande)

2. “I Lived,” OneRepublic

1. “Pompeii,” Bastille

Words escape me as we enter 2015.

And, of course, that won’t last long.

Here’s to more content that matters, storytelling with impact, and inspiration as a result of self-reflection…



IMG_9734PS – Bonus “fave post” from this year: I broke the hammock. Happy holidays, y’all!

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