As you know, I am finally back in the United States of America.

I have a few weeks before heading “home” for the holidays, and I figured I would take time to treat myself to some travel and reflection. Aside from literally being “sleepless in Seattle” my first night (known to many as, “jetlag”), I am finding this city to be everything I could have ever needed for my acclimation back into the States. There is something about a manicured beard, Patagonia, beanies, and fit outdoors folk that gets me all kinds of inspired. And more so, this dramatic stereotype also just makes me feel really normal. Comfortable. Coffee.

But the learning is occurring, and I am being very intentional about trying to pause for some newly acquired life lessons. To start, I have realize just how important people are in my life. I have always been a people-person, and my entire life has been lived with the mantra, “People Matter.” I have always felt validated in that understanding, and have tried to set a similar tone for all the people who come and go from my life. Specifically, please observe the following from my latest cloud of travel ah-ha’s:

Learning Lesson, Seattle: Find people who _____.

As I was preparing to write this point, I started drafting out the varying things I need from people. And as this list grew and grew, I quickly realized it came down to a few key concepts of what I need most from those wonderful individuals in my life.

Find people who “get” you.

Find people who challenge you.

Find people who support you.

Find people who make you laugh.

Find people who will eat with you.

And for me, these people exist all over the globe. I have a few best friends in Florida, many in Oklahoma, California, Texas, Indiana, and the list goes on and on. And these people, all with multiple different backgrounds and life experiences, are exactly who I need to be able to live an active and healthy life. I thought about providing some sense of description for the five nuggets above, but in honor of my continued reflection, I am going to leave them as is, with hope for more understanding ahead as to why these are so important and impacting to me.

I had a teacher many years ago tell me, “People are the best and worst thing that will ever happen  to you.” I am inclined to agree, and of course, I am hopeful for the former. In this new month of transition, who are your people? Where are your people? When are your people your people? Take a minute today to reach out to someone who, through good and bad, serves as your _____. These people are necessary for growth. These people are necessary for self-understanding. These people are necessary. Be surrounded. Be close. Be well.

On the move,



2 thoughts on “Seattle.

  1. Michael,

    I recently found your blog…somehow? Through an old high school friend via social media, I am sure. Not really sure if you would remember me from Midwest City — I was a year below you — but it seems like you have lived and learned a lot, and I particularly enjoy this post. Thank you.

    Happy travels,


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