Feeling, “enough.”

I have two friends who are going through different life moments, and both exist as individuals who I consider to be near and dear to my heart. Friend 1 is wondering, “When will love happen, and how will it be served?” And Friend 2 is juggling the work, life, and home balancing act involved in being a young 20-30-something.

Through email, the idea of, “enough,” hit me twice this week, and I felt like it was important to share some of my thoughts gleaned from these conversations. Friend 2 and I email back and forth on occasion, and in her most recent email to me, really left me inspired and challenged all in one brief set of paragraphs.

Dear Friend 2, I am going to use a piece from your email to help me better unpack this idea of, “feeling, ‘enough.’” Thank you, in advance.

Isn’t it interesting that no matter where we travel or work… there is always some form of drama. I had my fair share last week. I bawled my eyes out, almost puked, almost quit, almost got fired…. and then felt unimportant and felt a denial of the impact of my emotions. I will say after that experience, as horrible as it was, I did learn two things. 1. I can always count on [my husband], (who brought me cupcakes and then sat with me in my office so I didn’t have to work alone on a project – gushy, I know), and 2. I will always respect someone else’s emotion and let them work through that emotion whether or not I understand or believe in their feelings.

We all have emotions and sometimes it is hard to understand emotion, especially when it is coming from someone else. What I have learned is that we don’t have to understand someone else’s emotion… we just have to respect that emotion for what it means to that person.

I have a feeling that last one will come back to bite me in the ass someday if I ever have a teenage daughter. 😉

Do you know the saying, “Whatever you do… be a good one?” Or was it worded, “Whatever you become, become a good one?” … I usually agree with this statement, but not this week. This week, as a student, educator, wife, friend, dog mom, cat mom, daughter… I am not going to be good or great. But just being enough is good enough for me… this week, of course. Next week, I expect to be the best ever at everything again, and be over-goal reaching, and way too hard on my self, and strive for perfection. As for this week, though… good enough and present will be the status quo….

*I’ve edited the email a bit to pull out identifying sentiments and also to fix a bit of her grammar and punctuation (don’t judge me, I’m a grammar monster). 

First off, I have phenomenal friends, and am thankful for friends who let me share their emails without me unveiling their identity…or asking if I could use their email for my blog (see what I did there?). Second, this email was everything to me, and I was, yet again, paused by the raw and real moment occurring in my friend’s experience.

I have always struggled with the balance of, “enough,” and have constantly argued that there is a huge difference between the personal and professional feelings of worth (and, “balance is subjective,” and all of that sentiment too, of course). Feeling, “enough,” is perhaps one of the best and most important feelings a young adult can experience. Aside from personal and professional dissonance, we are also juggling with the impact our, “enough,” has on others. Hell, it is even not uncommon to wrestle with the thought of how we impact the world, and what that impact looks like within the communities we directly serve (in whatever capacity, in whatever variation).

We have to be constantly developing. To become, “enough,” we have to pursue what it is that fills our cup, gives us life, and inspires us to be truly fulfilled. I talked about employee and professional development in my last post, but should also add that human and personal development is equally as important. This is balancing the, “enough.” This is the same pause I experienced from Friend 2’s email. Enough. Sure, this week, ‘enough’ is enough. And yes, a new set of goals exist next week, too. But sometimes, those goals are paused and, again, being ‘enough’ is good enough. And so starts the cycle of pausing and doing all you can with the cards you are dealt. Enough.

So, how do you feel? Do you feel ‘enough’ today? Will you feel ‘enough’ tomorrow? Is ‘enough’ quantifiable or even easy to understand? How will you define ‘enough’ for yourself, your life? In the areas where you are ‘enough,’ are you finding the same congruence in other areas of your life? Today, be ‘enough.’ Be free from the pressure of feeling inadequate. Be free. Period. Be ‘enough.’ Here’s to filling your cup, always half-full, and that simply being just ‘enough.’




2 thoughts on “Feeling, “enough.”

  1. Micheal, I often think you could become the next Paul – Ripples guy (you should look him up if you haven’t hear of him!) Anyway, this blog title is very similar to one of his weekly emails that struck with me awhile ago, Sept 15 to be exact, (which, admittedly, feels like a very long time ago). On the back of page of my journal, I wrote down this quote from the email:
    “You are enough.
    You are so enough.
    It’s unbelieveable how enough you are.”
    Sierra Boggess, shared by Miranda in Green Bay, WI


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