When the universe gives you two birthdays…


Do you know what one eats for breakfast on Day 2 of their 29th birthday? That would be half of a Dove chocolate bar and half of a can of Pringles.

I’m almost-thirty, and funny enough, just after I posted my most recent piece, I came across a post I wrote back in January, titled, “Almost 30.” Stay with me, as I pull a little nugget from that writing:

“Throughout adolescence, humans are both challenged and encouraged to choose the ‘right’ path. Society deems there to be two different directions of interest: one good, one bad. Illustrated by a break in the road, we are asked to go either one way or the other. The past 28 years of my [life] have proved that society doesn’t know shit. And neither do I.”

Intense, right? Thus, Pringles and Dove chocolate for breakfast. Furthermore, this sentiment continues to resonate with me, and to spare you from having to read the entire past post, I figured I would note that I still fundamentally believe in this “path philosophy.” Needless to say, I am excited to continue trekking through the middle – all the way to China. And all the way to thirty.

The best part? This path is one full of love and support. If you have never celebrated a birthday on Facebook, I challenge you to create an account, list tomorrow as your birthday, and reap the benefits of hundreds of friends wishing you well (and if you already have a Facebook, yet need a little bit of love and validation, just change your birthday to say it’s tomorrow and I promise you, only a handful of people will recognize your fib). You see, birthdays are an interesting moment on Facebook. Whereas some friends use the birthday tool as a means for cycling through their entire electronic-roll-a-dex of friends and deleting the ones who they don’t recognize or care for, others use the birthday announcement as a way to celebrate their people and to wish them well.

If there were ever a time to be reminded that you are loved, let it be on your birthday, and let it be via Facebook. However, this also sits with the caveat that, having a birthday and feeling the love thereafter will nothing short of serve as a reminder that you’re an ass hole when you don’t do this same service back to your network. I digress.

I heard from students old and new, parents of students, family friends, family members, friends, several people who commented that they missed my, “sass” (whatever that means), complete strangers, best friends, former flames, teachers, several of my top crushes (including one which I would marry, like, tomorrow), and a series of other who’s-who among my life-network. But I am the lucky one this year, as my birthday, between China and the United States, actually spread across 36 hours. No better way to spend almost-thirty than a two-day love-fest each time I looked at a screen. And one thing is for sure, as a result of that love-fest, I will continue to be purely unapologetic, blow up your social media, live my truth, and tell stories along the way. As my friend Nathan says, “Thanks for entering my world.” Here’s to more interactions with those crushes of mine, and a year of making an in imprint on every single day.




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