I’m moving to Wyoming.

I guess this is a good time to inform all of you that the China-bit was all a hoax. You see, I’m actually moving to Wyoming, and writing a book called, “That One Time I ‘Moved to China,’ But Actually Really Moved To Wyoming To Write This Book: and other tales of life as a ranch-hand.” I’m kidding. China is still a thing. In fact, I’m in the airport right now, leaving America pretty soon.


It’s been a weird day, though, and I don’t think my mind has stopped racing since I woke up at 2:45AM to catch my first of three flights. 2/3 of my flights are complete, and both consisted of me sleeping from the time the wheels went up until the time the flight attendant tapped me on the shoulder to put my seat back to it’s normal setting (I like to recline my seat back, just as we are picking up speed on the runway, reaching full-extension as the wheels become sucked up by the plane – I fall asleep, every time).

I’m not sure if it’s good travel karma coming back to me following enduring the cross-country, three-car breakdown, however my United ticket agent not only upgraded me to first class for my first flight (don’t get too excited, it was just from Austin to Houston), she also allowed me to celebrate the fact that both of my checked bags were under 50lbs. This celebration included me blurting out, “Bless you!” She laughed, and then I danced. Seriously, I put my hand up in the air, and did at least two circle-rotations of dancing. She and her ticket-agent friend giggled, and I asked, “Certainly you’ve seen more dramatic ‘ah-ha’ moments at 4:45AM?” She agreed. And so, I went. Or, go, rather.

And so, I go. In just a few moments I’ll be boarding my final flight and on to the next adventure. I am hopeful, anxious, and nervous, and all in the best way possible. My stomach gurgled the entire flight from Austin to Houston, which was probably a mixture of general-nerves and First Class guilt. Either way, as I sat there, praying not to let today be the first time I’ve thrown up on a plane, I re-read an email from a dear friend, titled, “Open me when you’re sitting at the airport…” Among many other phenomenal nuggets, the following part from her email stuck out to me as probably, what I imagine to be, the most impacting piece of advice/inspiration/support I’ve received during this month of transition:

“… People are coming. People are going. People are traveling both alone and with others. Some are heartbroken while others are elated all around you right now.

I know your ticket says Beijing, but really, Beijing is just a starting point. While this flight path may be laid out before you clearly, I’m most excited for you to land so that you can step off the path and find your own trail.

Literally you’re already at the gate so there’s no turning back (until you find where to go next). Go find extraordinary things that give you life. Go meet people you could never find here. Explore places you’ve never imagined existed. Do all of this with a full heart.”

No more words are necessary. Upward and onward. Find your truth, and live it. Away, I go.

In transit,


2 thoughts on “I’m moving to Wyoming.

  1. Nice article, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is legit though and could give you a couple pointers there as well hahaha. I’m so excited for you Mike. Take care man.


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