That one time I hung out with Brene’ Brown (oh, and among a few thousand others, I guess)…

Twitter 2Those who follow me on twitter will tell you that, though I have slacked on posting to my blog this week, there was certainly no shortage of tweets coming from @mi_good. Specifically, please see this opening paragraph as an, “I’m sorry I’m not sorry,” moment. I was learning. A lot. In fact, so much so, that I had a moment where I almost annoyed myself from how much I was tweeting. But this is learning, right? I have two students who joke with me that when I head off to conferences, they take time to emotionally and technologically prepare for the abundance of social media posts traveling down the pipeline. They’re obviously accurate, however, and again, it’s learning. I own it.

Today wrapped a, “tour de conferences,” three months where I was traveling virtually every weekend and spent 20/31 days in March with an active away message. But life is good, and the learning has been incredible. This afternoon I had the privilege of hearing Brene’ Brown speak, and though I could probably write fifteen posts about the varying points echoing in my mind, I’ll start with this:

What if, instead of asking, “What would you do if you could not fail,” we were open to the question, “What’s worth doing even if we fail?”

This is great, right? Brene’ went on to share many other brain nuggets, including a bit about critics. “If you are not also in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not open to your critiques.” Boom, roasted, right? Whereas one might assume Brene’ then dropped the mic followed by me passing out, I, instead, continued to follow along with church, “mmmhmmm’s,” and small gasps for air. Critics are real, and sometimes they are raw. Learning is raw. Life can be raw.

Let’s pause there for a moment, as I continue my, jumping-all-over-the-place-because-I’m-on-a-post-conference-high, moment. I promise I’m getting to a point.

I have a professor from my undergraduate institution, who lived a mantra of, “The least they can tell you is, ‘no,’” in regard to putting yourself out there (for opportunity, experiences, free food). Now, clearly, “they,” is subjective, however I buy into this very much. There is a graduate student who I have gotten to know closely over the past few months, and in a conversation with her this past weekend at the conference, I cited this same philosophy. Ask. Reach. Get jobs. Carry your resume. Pass out your resume. Believe in yourself. Do. These are things that have shaped much of my path, and continue to aid in how I view the world (and also how I view those who share this space with me). This brings us back to the moment above via my friend, Brene’ (okay, I’m pushing it, but for real, we had a super meta-connection).

For me, this is all about courage, risk, reflection, possible rejection, the ways in which we deal with ___ (whatever, “___,” may mean for each of us). And this is where I’m at right now. Doing. Being. Reflecting. Processing. I’m such an idea-man, and constantly filled with, “what if’s.” At some point, this is to a fault. More than, “what if,” my frame-of-thinking is now leaning more toward, “why not.” Trust. Believe. Do. This is only the beginning of my, OMG-I-learned-a-ton-and-not-just-professionally-but-personally-too, moment, and look forward to the continuing reflection. Thanks, B!’



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